Every child has a  dream, to pursue the dream is in every child’s hand to make it a reality. One’s invention is another’s tool”  Samuel Morse

My child’s dream was to get educated & open new doors for a bright future. This became a remote dream, as I moved from one class to another. My poor grades defined me & my future, i lost all hope.  I closed my schoolhouse doors.  “Sometimes all you need is a second chance because time was not ready for the first time” God granted me that second chance. This second chance motivated me to:

      – First reason was , to Empower students, give them opportunities that can change, & impact their lives positively.  Am a firm believer – “ EVERY STUDENT CAN- EXCEL & HAS NO LIMITED OPPORTUNITIES.”  

  • The second reason was, to fulfill my Sense of Purpose. As a child & into adulthood I had a passion to improve the lives of the less fortunate in my community,( READ MORE -(Biography), the school became the source of finances for the school projects that supported the less fortunate. 

I grew up in a school environment that made me feel my effort in school was not as good as my peers. I began to feel incompetent and a sense of inferiority. I hated school but i loved athletics, because I was appreciated, loved & my effort was recognised, yet i had no passion for athletics (Many students may end up in the wrong jobs/occupation that they have no passion for.)

My parents expected more effort in academics, I felt increased pressure to perform. My family compared my performance with that of my younger brother, I then lived in my brother’s shadow. As my parents’ and teachers’ performance expectations increased, I perceived I was a total disappointment to all of them. I lost self-esteem and my grades dropped every time, my effort in academics wasn’t recognized.               

I repeated classes twice. Despite the fact that I was older, my brother joined high school before me, I no longer put any effort in education, I was ineffective, powerless, unworthy in the classroom setting. I was in an existential crisis. I failed my final exams in primary school (KCPE),  my future in education was doomed. Funny enough I didn’t care what the future had for me. My father didn’t give up on me. I joined high school, yet I couldn’t speak English, but dad still held my hand and encouraged me to find my way in the new school.


“In the midst of every difficulty lies an opportunity”.

 I hated mathematics, but in the first month of the first term, my math’s teacher discovered I had a niche for mathematics. He built my confidence, self-esteem and I found pride in the new change in me. I believed in myself, felt liked, and accepted, I began thinking good things about myself. Amazingly, I was top in my class in the first term final exams, and in the next exams for the following 4 years(ie i was a top student from form 1 to form 4). My father believed in me, he sacrificed for my studies. My new me was empowered, the sky was the limit, I could achieve anything I wanted,   “Never limit yourself because of other’s limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination ” Mae Jemison.  My world had no boundaries, I even learnt other skills:

  1. Music, (during music festival competitions, I always emerged  the best  soloist)
  2.  Sports: I participated in house swimming galas, played in the Kenyan netball team, & the Kenya hockey team, i also competed in golf tournaments.
  3.  In the history of the school, I became a prefect while in form four.
  4.  I was a Christian union leader as well as a Sunday school teacher.   
  5. I joined every activity the school offered. I went for Outward bound training in Tanzania; a training that enhanced my Leadership qualities. I learnt survival skills, teamwork, independence, boundary-pushing, self-confidence, character building, conflict resolution skills. I also had an opportunity to climb Mt Kilimanjaro.
  6. To date, I treasure the awards I was given every year during school prize giving day. My father did not miss on any of the price giving days, he was proud of me, he traveled many miles to witness my success as a top student. I became the pride of the family and  teachers. I joined the “A” level after an excellent performance in the “O” level, which earned me a full scholarship in the “A” level for 2 years.
  7. All children can achieve good grades if they are encouraged, motivated, they develop self esteem thereby improving their grades. 

After some years I resigned from Kenya Airways where I worked as an accountant, to start Bishop Mahiaini junior school. I felt a burden to start a school to give children the same second chance, teacher Long John the mathematics teacher had given me. I discovered that if children were given a conducive learning environment, they too could reach their full potential with infinite possibilities. Many former students in our school, have achieved their goals and realized their dreams and aspirations. Kindly give your child a second or more chance,  THEY TOO CAN EXCEL.

The second reason was to support the less fortunate : I knew well I couldn’t finance the projects that would empower these people. The school’s success was the best option of source of funds. (The school has many successful projects that are well defined in my Biography. -Read more).       ‘What is Pure and Undefiled  religion from God the Father is this; To visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself  unspotted from the world.”  James 1: 27. I believe God has helped me achieve my goals.  It is fulfilling, meaningful life, empowering with a new richer experience to discover one sense of purpose in life. My purpose in life is to empower people to live better lives that are fulfilling and inspiring.

“The man who plants and the one who waters have one purpose and each will be rewarded according to his own labor”. 1 Corinthians 3:8

Parents/Guardians, Teachers, students what is your SENSE OF PURPOSE.”?