Talent is an anent Greek/Romain word used to mean weight or unit of mass. Talent is a special ability, natural endowment skill/ knowledge of a person, it gives one unique skill & ability.  People can also have more than one talent,&  is an area that individuals can master such that they can generate significant value.

  1. Talents aren’t necessarily careers or hobbies. Each can often  stand at different capacities
  2. It’s important for students to identity each separately.for future decisions.
  3. Talent in the bible : Mathew  25:15-28 The master who went on a journey, before leaving , he entrusted his property to his servants,according to his ability.

“Every one has a talent,what is rare ,is the courage to follow it to the dark places it leads”  Erica Jog.

‘Every artist was once an amateur’  Ralph Waldo


Public speaking Intuition
Writing Imagination
Networking Listening
Critical thinking Enthusiasm
Decision making Identity strength and weakness
Innovation/creativity Ability to make friends
Athletic/games Risk management
Marketing Maths and. Science
Drawing, music art Leadership Self-management Conflict solving Self-discipline Magic, swimming


Some talents may in future be passion and may be developed into a career e.g. a girl may be talented or gifted in craft and may become a fashion designer in future.

Parents/guardians at times may confuse a talent of a child/student & pre  conceive of what is worth learning and what is worth pursuing. It’s therefore wise to give children different options, and time to pursue a variety of things, activities that help them make a sound decision and that comes from within their heart.

Each child is interested in different things, it is worth to note different things your child is interested in, this will help the parent see value, in something that maybe had not been seen before. E.g. how do your kids spend their free time, what are their hobbies, interest or passion? Do they like animals, cooking, art or drawing, fashion, dancing, photography, reading etc . 


Hobby is an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure e.g. hobby of reading, horse riding, gardening, cooking, travelling, music, video gaming. It’s a pursuit outside one’s regular occupation engaged especially for relaxation.


Career is an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. At times talent can become  a career e.g. a student who likes  to dismantles toys etc. and re assembles them may want to be a mechanic/mechanical Engineer, or loves farm animals may become a veterinary.

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