Parents are the first teachers in a child’s life, they shape the child’s character, &  growth of development, education is part of the development. Children are born in a family, a family is a social unit of a society, teachers who are members of that society, impart education or knowledge to its members, children are part of this community. Teachers therefore,  have ability to build positive & inspired future generations & therefore design society, both locally & globally. The economic growth  & future of any society depends on the impact  teachers  has on its members, arguably they are the most important members of any society.


Teaching is a multifaceted profession, beside imparting knowledge, teachers play other roles that shape the world at large.

    1.  ROLE IN A CLASSROOM       : 1 Teaching knowledge
      This is one of the most common roles in classroom, teachers are given a curriculum that they must follow. The State gives guidelines that teachers must follow throughout the academic year. All pertinent knowledge is facilitated through functional Lesson plans, Schemes of work, lesson notes, & appropriate adequate teaching materials. Teaching  methodology should engage the students concentration of mind & they (teachers) should offer every child a rich rewarding and unique learning experience.
  1. Creating classroom environment     Teachers have a moral duty to create a warm friendly happy  learning environment. Happy students will concentrate in class, & the teacher will then have a positive impact. They are responsible for social behavior in classroom; this is primarily a reflection of teacher’s attitude and environment he/she sets.
  2. Role model
    Many teachers don’t know or understand they are role model of the students. They spend great time with students who mimic them, &  may therefore have a long lasting positive or negative impact in student’s/ child’s future behavior.
  3. Signs of trouble
    Teachers have a duty to protect the students, advice, love and care for them. A teacher is trained to observe the behavior of the students and mark signs of positive or negative behavior. The school should have, laid up guidelines that a teacher follows when faced by signs of trouble.
  4. A Mentor
    Responsible teachers encourage students to
    believe in themselves, to succeeded in their classwork, build their character, and & guide them to become responsible citizens.
  5. Counselor and advocate /parent
    A responsible teacher counsels his/her students to use the knowledge they learn in school, to become valuable members of society. Parents are easily frustrated when the behavior of the students & grades drop significantly. Teachers therefore should act as child’s advocate, when parent/guardian has conflict with their child. They should be confidant, advocate, surrogate Parent, disciplinarian or controller of students behavior.
  6. Others roles beside classroom  

Support activities and instructions of the government.

✓ communicate the progress of the learner to the Parent/Guardian as well as technical skills that can help build the well being of the learner.

✓ Monitor and evaluate pupils progress as he/she undertake activities to improve performance indicators.

✓ supervise co curricular activities & students projects.

✓ Give learner’s timely constructive accurate feedback and give them time for remedial classes.

✓ Maintain updated school records