The single greatest effect on student achievement is the effectiveness of a teacher“.

Researches & surveys have been done, to evaluate, identify & analyzed how best education in schools, can empower students, in academics & how to mold a holistic young adult. Education is largely a matter of a learning process that involves interaction between teachers & students. Today, education is evolving from board & chalk to an E-Learning system or digital approach.  Many teachers indulge in teaching without paying attention to students’ needs, students are rarely asked what they think makes a great teacher. Teachers have a long-lasting impact on a student’s life, a bad teacher can destroy or change the destiny, dreams, of a student, even affecting his/ her future. It is a moral obligation that teachers understand, how their behavior affects the future children, society, community & the world at large. Am passionate about engaging an effective teacher, because a great teacher changed my destiny, helped me realize my dreams & that of my children. 

The study of effective teacher highlighted some of the following characteristics:    


An effective teacher must have:

1. Ability to develop a positive relationships with their students. He/she should earn trust & respect,he/she must motivate & counsel students. Students then are able to approach the teacher for advise, when faced by different challenges. 
2. Employs friendly teaching method: Students have different abilities to understand what the teacher is teaching. A teacher should, analyze how students are learning, & diagnose issues that prevent understanding. 
3. Patient, kind and caring friendly, approachable, show empathy, good listeners, act as surrogate parents.
4. Dedicated to teaching: Study from students pointed that, teacher: came to class on time, maintained a positive attitude, had a sense of humor, held high expectation from students, cultivated sense of belonging in the class, respected them & did not embarrass them, admitted mistakes, forgiving.

5. Ability to engage students while teaching: students said teachers should engage  motive
6. Knows and is willing to know the social emotions development of the student.
7. Listening skills to enable trust
8. Must practice teaching ethics. Should not indulge in intimate relationship with students.
9. Should be well organized . well prepared lesson schemes and lesson plan which should include practical teaching , visits to area of teaching , examples and storytelling.
10. Strong work ethics. Such a teacher will never give up or quit on his/her students, is a role model and also is able to be positive about  misbehavior of students in classroom.
11.Effective good communication skills with fellow educators, parents, student. This plays a crucial role as it creates an effective student.
12. Teachers with good classroom management achieve more in relation to level of understanding of topics taught and cohesiveness in class, & content being taught become interesting to every student.
13. Processing good students-teacher collaboration skills, allow teacher to interact and communicate better with students, & attend to their problems relating to the subject more effectively. This helps build mutual trust, relationship and respect with learners ensuring proper impartation of information.
14. Patience and confidence/ understanding, these attributes identified with being a sympathetic individual and having emotional stimuli towards the students, are some of the best and powerful characteristics, required to become a successful teacher or head teacher. Its more demanding when faced with students challenging behavior, one needs to be calm and patient.
15. Capacity to structure engaging teach lesson plan for leaner. Most critical complex part of a teacher is to have effective teaching strategy for students creating engaging lesson and plan.


Finland has the best Education system. The country is rich in intellectual & Educational reforms. Finland’s system, is leading because  of common sense practices & holistic teaching environment, that strives for equity over excellence. The government gives free education to all students, from preschool to Universities, whether from affluent or poor families, even to refugees’ children, & regulates the operations of the system.   All students attend public schools, only a few attend private schools. Free education is extended to both private & public schools. All students with or without challenges learn in the same class, there are no ability classes or remedial classes. Difference in ability is given individual attention by the multiple teachers who attend students in the class.

Finland’s Economy evolved from uneducated poor, a country that depended on agriculture & foreign aid to, an independent democratic, industrialised, highly educated informed society, & efficient technological reforms. This success was influenced by radical reforms in education. Educated & informed society understands how corruption affects the economy. Research shows correlation between high degree of trust among informed, educated society & low level of Corruption, Finland is second in the world with the least corruption. Teachers in all levels of education must have a degree even teachers in preschool.  (read more on “How GREAT Teachers can empower the students & shape  future generation positively”). 

‘Everyone has a dream/dreams, education empowers these dreams; Be educated, realise your dream”  zipporah Mahiaini