The mediocre teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates . The great teacher inspires. W Arthur.

Together ( parents/teachers) may we give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly.

Every responsible parent’s desire is to have a holist young adult, successful, inspired & motivated citizen. An adult who is also able to cope with life’s challenges & aspired to take every opportunity graced on the way.

Finland has the best education system in the world. It is encouraging to know Kenya’s education journey is geared to the same system(- THE CBC Curriculum of education). Finish education system allows teachers a great deal of professional freedom. The system is operated by professional teachers who also enjoy pedagogical approach in classroom, they & society know the future of the children lies in their hands. They advice, guide the student & the parents how to have transversal competence.

Some teachers in developing countries, are not well trained nor competent. Many of these incompetent teachers innovate a philosophy or lie that they communicate to parents, when the student’s grade are poor/drop. One such lie is : “YOUR CHILD’S GRADE WILL IMPROVE IF HE/SHE REPEAT CLASSES”.

The first question a parent should ask the teacher is ‘WHY DID THE STUDENT PERFORM POORLY?’ The answer is because he/she does not understand the topic in place, because she/he may have been  sick or had experienced stressors & could  not concentrate in class, when the teacher was teaching. Its common sence that such a student would fail any examination. 

What magic would a teacher do for the student to pass, other than reteaching the topic again.