Founder’s Biography

Zipporah Nyambura Mahiaini has many years of experience in the education sector. She has been an inspiring practitioner in primary and secondary education. In addition to being the founder of Bishop Mahiaini Junior School as well as Bishop Mahiaini Girls Secondary School, Zipporah is the main developer of ‘Every child can! Kenya.’ All children are excellent performers if given a chance in kiswahili ‘Hakuna mtoto mjinga”)  The teaching style is described elsewhere in this website under ‘Our Teaching Methodology’ for children in Mathematics, Verbal Ability, Verbal and non-Reasoning. The teaching methodology extends to English and Maths for all year groups.

In addition to being the vision bearer for ‘Every child can! Kenya’, Zipporah’s talents include, Guidance & Counselling, Motivating the depressed and Character building.

Zipporah took her primary education in an ordinary government school where the foundations of ‘Every child can! Kenya’ began. From an early age, she was a leader in class and in the sports field excelling particularly in Mathematics, and debating.

She studied for her O and A level at the well-known Limuru Girls School which she credits for solidifying her thinking on ‘Every Child Can!’ Both the primary school and the high school gave her an important perspective on non-privileged and privileged education. She reflected on the pedagogy practiced in both schools and came to the overwhelming conviction that we must go beyond child focused teaching and embrace child led learning which is at the heart of the teaching methodology practiced in the schools she leads.

Zipporah started off as an trained teacher in Nakuru; a job she did between O and A level education. Her training took her towards accounting and she worked for Kenya Airways for several years. Through all this her interest in helping parents see that every child can learn never left her. Driven by the firm certainty that children need more than good teachers she started Bishop Mahiaini Junior School and immediately integrated character formation, motivation and good communication skills in the learning experience of the students at the school. Then and now, Zipporah wanted to help children achieve educationally, having been inspired by her own contact with superb educators and not so good educators.

Unsurprisingly, when the primary school part of the institution was founded Zipporah found her role as the vision carrier and trainer in ‘Every Child can!’ extremely rewarding.  She was delighted to discover that her methodology was not only helping pupils reach their goal of passing KCPE, but also improving their self-knowledge as well as developing their character.

Demand for places at the school grew and she decided expand the institutions’ buildings. At the moment, the school boasts motivated teachers and support staff as well as ample permanent buildings for accommodation and teaching.

By 2018, the institution had grown mature enough to offer secondary education for girls. Both the primary school and the secondary school are Zipporah’s pride and joy.

Outside of her teaching interests, Zipporah is a lay student of the Bible. She credits her upbringing in a Christian home and her interest in theology for the foundations of ‘Every Child Can!’ Methodology of teaching.

Zipporah’s interests include story telling for children, drama and character forming activities outside class. The former is inspired by ‘Outward Bound’ experience while studying at Limuru Girls. As a team leader but under the guidance of teachers, Limuru Girls spent one week climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. The camaraderie and team work required in that challenge was part of the building blocks in her character as an educator.


As early as I can remember, I always had a passion to help the less privileged. I believe I was six when I saw a boy in the village wearing a particularly torn pair of shorts. There were no Mitumba those days. Mitumba are second hand clothes freely sold in all markets in the country. I felt moved to support him and I made sure my mother gave him a better pair. For me therefore corporate social responsibility is part of my DNA.

Over time, it has been our joy and pride to partner with the following projects.
• It has been our privilege to donate pigs to a group of homeless men dubbed ‘Dandora Kenya’ They are motivated to work together for their common good. They are also working on substance abuse issues.
• In the same area (Dandora) we identified a group of young men who collect garbage for recycling in their area. Our support for them included a computers, scanners and a printer. They have recruited many other jobless men and their project have grown.
• We have partnered with an enterprising young man who wanted to start selling previously worn clothes. He has partnered with two friends and their business has became successful.
• Am a firm believer of Christian faith and always wanted to do discipleship. We practice discipleship in our schools as well as in the area surrounding us. Girls are a particular interest of mine.
• Young men in the neighbourhood of the school started a transport business using motorbikes (Boda bodas) They serve the areas that are inaccessible by cars. We provide them financial advice and they have opened a bank account for their savings as a group. We meet often to discuss the progress.
• One of the spin offs from our engagement with this group of young men is that they have become open to discipleship which (we believe) ultimately contributes to their bottom line.
• Because we are interested in all people, we have a developed a great relationship with middle aged people in another village far away from my home. Sadly, substance abuse with the accompanying social problems are all too common there. Those who know the area will have heard of “St Ann Centre for the Orphans and the Aged.’ For years we have been supporting the centre’s work among these groups of people, We have been especially supportive of the work among the bed ridden and buy foods for them. Am always honoured and excited when they send their gratitude and say prayers for me. This is very satisfying.


As I have said elsewhere in this website, I grew up in a very staunch Christian family where virtues were instilled in our daily lives. My dad now a retired bishop & mom sacrificed their lives supporting the work of God.
They inspired me.
From 2000 we started sending funds to churches in marginalised areas of Kenya where poverty is rife. We have been delighted to empower local communities in Mandera, Wajir, Garissa Lamu and Lodwar. In Lamu we helped build a modern church and bought motorbike for the social worker. We like to think that somewhere on Lamu island’s the rugged roads, there is a happy social worker riding to a remote village to improve it; one person at a time

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BMS enables every child reach their full potential both in academics, spiritual & socially. Mounding a holistic young adults, ready to face life’s opportunities & challenges




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