Bishop Mahiaini Schools (BMS) has grown and evolved for 10-plus years, passing many milestones and forging traditions along the way.


The school opened its doors on 9/1/2001. The cast of the founders included 13 students, 4 teachers, a cook and a watchman. My daughter and me completed the happy cast on that founders’ day. We were the matrons and the willing pairs of hands around the school. We did the cleaning of utensils, classes, dormitories as well as the general maintenance and upkeep of the grounds of the school. It is said that the strength of tea only comes out in hot water and those early days brought out our strengths.
Those were the best of times and the most challenging of times.

In those days, the immediate environs of the school were bushy; invested by snakes and black spiders. Ticks we had in plenty. It felt like the creepy crawlies described in Elspeth Huxley’s Flame Trees Of Thika had found their refuge to our neighbourhood. Malaria made it more difficult. The murrum roads around the school that we see now did not exist, further more we had only two neighbours. As for water, we had to dig wells and fetch it from there. The area was not  along an electricity grid so we had no electricity and therefore used lamps for lighting.

Because we loved what we were doing and because we cared desperately for the children, my daughter and I slept in the dormitory with the student while the head teacher slept in the boy’s dormitory. We were like an extended family that cared for each other.
After one year, we employed a grounds man and a cleaner which freed up my daughter to return to academics. In that she same year, Njoki my Daughter left for South Africa for further studies and I continued doing my work of a matron. There was always so much to be done around the school that I remained in school even during holidays. Life was especially interesting during the rainy season which seemed to coincide with the school holidays. The running joke among the staff was that gum boots were the official uniform when school was on a break. Mud – glorious mud was everywhere but we soldiered on.

At this time, we began rearing chickens as a way to introduce agriculture to the students and to provide eggs for the students’ breakfast. For a time the project flourished but persistent fowl diseases made the enterprise unsustainable and we closed it down. We then introduced dairy cows and they did quite well. As I write, they continue to provide the school with milk and practical introduction to dairy rearing for our learners.

After two years, we bought a paraffin generator that catered for the new dormitories we built for the girls& boys, the boys shifted to their new dormitory after eight months.
In 2012, we opened the school up to day students as well as to Pre-unit and nursery school children(today these classes have been renamed). Their happy chatter and songs brought a new spark to the school. When you visit us, you will notice that they bring a smile to every visitor.

In time, we were able to put up temporary houses for teachers and I shifted to one of the rooms. God blessed us with dedicated teachers and a brilliant head teacher with the result that our first KCPE performance in 2003 was excellent. The admission of new students in 2004 rose to over 100 students. The school continued to grow from strength to strength. For years the school has maintained EXCELLENT performance in Muranga South.
In 2006 we sunk a borehole and connected the whole school to the electric grid. It was a great joy to see the lights in the school compound.

Special thanks
While he was alive, The Archbishop Gitari (Anglican Church) became a regular visitor to the school and a great friend and encourager. He and subsequent archbishops and bishops regularly attended our functions. We are eternally grateful for their prayers, inspiration and motivation, am also grateful to my family,parents & friends for believing in us.
In recent years the school has grown and we have been blessed with more dormitories and classes. We have engaged more teachers and support staff. The number of admission has hit over 430 and many of our students join good national and provincial schools. Our joy is to see our alumni join public universities and other institutions of higher learning. We encourage all our past students to join our group of Alumni. 

In 2018 we started a high school for girls. The Bible says we should not despise the days of humble beginnings. The school is growing and becoming part and parcel of our brand. Our vision is to open more schools in other part of the country God willing. It has been an honour to play our part in Kenya’s new Education curriculum: Competence Based Curriculum  (CBC)  and look forward to growing the school along this line. We think it is a great curriculum and I urge all Kenyans to embrace it. Elsewhere in our website we have explained what CBC entails and its benefits.



2 Corinthians 4:6   ‘SO WE DO NOT LOSE HOPE”


Bishop Mahiaini School (BMS) is transformed into a world-class training center with students at the center of our approach. 

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